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Daniel Garner and Beliad unite their forces in order to beat the new ruler of Hell, former ally Eva. Join them in six new levels with more than 6000 enemies that will try to block their road.

Game Play

This is a old-school FPS: just shoot, reload, aim, shoot, etc.. Each time you've collected 66 souls, you morph into a demon that can everyone in one click. You have also the Black Tarot: each card is unlocked when the requirement is met at the end of a level. You have silver cards, that will be active during all the map, gold cards, that can be triggered once per level. Also, you have 4 differents diffculties.


*Weapons from Painkiller and Painkiller Overdose
*More than 6,000 enemies
*Fast action as you'll be surrounded by a lot of enemies
*6 new levels

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