Painkiller: Overdose Pro Reviews

Average Review Score: 6.3/10

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Painkiller: Overdose Reviews

website score publish date
1UP B- Nov 19 '07
2404 8.0/10 Dec 26 '07
EuroGamer 5/10 Dec 14 '07
GameDaily 6/10 Nov 12 '07
Gamer 2.0 4.9/10 Feb 27 '08
Gamers hell 6.0/10 Jan 10 '08
Games Radar 5/10 Dec 05 '07
GameZone 78/100 Nov 05 '07
Gaming Excellence 6.3/10 Nov 26 '07
Worthplaying 5.1/10 Jan 10 '08
Gamespot 7/10 Nov 02 '07
IGN PC 7.0/10 Nov 27 '07
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Painkiller: Overdose Previews

website publish date Nov 01 '07
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Games Radar on Apr 07 '08

"This bloody-minded obsession with cosmetic diversity does add something. Each time a level starts, you know you�ll be in a new place, often with a new weapon hovering before you, fighting new..."

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Gamespot on Nov 05 '07

"This stand-alone Painkiller expansion is pure, stupid fun, despite slow loads and an utter lack of innovation."

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GameZone on Apr 13 '08

"The graphics surprisingly aged well. The environments are so spectacular that you won’t mind the dated textures or polygon counts."

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Gaming Excellence on May 24 '08

"Painkiller: Overdose’s strengths are as simple as its gameplay - you get to use cool guns to kill cool monsters. However, due to a myriad of shortcomings, the mindless killing of hell spawned..."

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IGN PC on Nov 28 '07

"Painkiller: Overdose may be a case of déjà vu to series veterans and those who regularly gravitate to this genre. Furthermore, there are a few flies in the ointment. However, it brings just enough..."

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