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Belial is half demon, half angel and a powerful being. He's the son of light and shadows. Capable of opening trans-dimensional portals and gateways to any known world, he doesn't take part to the raging war between Hell and Heaven. But a pact between the two adversaries will change his life... He's imprisoned by Lucifer, after seeing his wings eaten by Cerberus, with a passive Sammael looking at the scene. He's become a bitter being, wanting to make pay Cerberus and Sammael. One day, suddendly, he's freed. Who killed Lucifer, allowing him to escape? He doesn't know. But this is not his main goal. He just wants justice for what happenned. Hate is now his guide.


The game is an old-school FPS, meaning that you don't need to have brains for solving things, here, you just have to shoot the hord of demons coming in a closed arena. Destroying them will open the next section of the level.

The game is featuring two important mechanics: the Black Tarot and the Demon Morph. The Black Tarot allows you to carry its cards for using their effects during fights. You can only carry 5 per level: 2 Silver Cards (with immediate effect and without limiting use) and 3 Golden ones (you can only use them one time per level and in a limited time, unless you have the card that can allow you three uses). The cards can be acquired by winning challenges like using a certain type of weapons, killing all enemies, find all secrets, etc.. The cards are also costing gold when you place them, so, it's up to you to collect the money.

The Demon Morph is happening every 66 souls eaten. Demons that died let behind them a green/red soul that can heal you but also allows you to build your morph. A Demon Morph can kill instantly every demon by looking and firing at them. It's limited in time.

Finally, the choice of difficulty will have an impact on the game: choosing Daydream will allow cheats code but you're denied to acquire cards. Insomnia is still allowing cheats codes but you can also play with Tarot. Nightmare is denying the use of cheats codes. Finally, Trauma is also denying you the use of cheats and demons aren't letting souls behind them.


    <li type="squared">Hell's most guarded secret let loose upon the universe. <li type="squared">A Prequel to the eventual Sequel now in development that bridges the storyline and ties up wandering ends. <li type="squared">Overdose introduces a new character and story line that examines the repercussions of Daniel defeating Lucifer in the original PAINKILLER! <li type="squared">16 NEW levels of fast pace pain killing action! <li type="squared">The mind bending physics that only the Havok Engine can bring to a game! <li type="squared">6 New Daemonic weapons grant the powers of a demi-god to souls awaiting damnation everywhere! <li type="squared">Crafted and Designed completely by MindWare Studios, long time advocates and fans of the game, with a professional background and beat on the community pulse. <li type="squared">A reshuffled Tarot deck infuses Belial with new powers and combinations. <li type="squared">An innovative direction in the Pain Killer universe! <li type="squared">40 unique, truly sick and twisted monsters concocted in dark annals of Hell. <li type="squared">New End Bosses of colossal statures standing guard over Hell's crumbling domain and the entrances to the other realms! <li type="squared">A revitalized commitment to Multi Player introduces a series of stats tracking features and game server options intended to revamp the multi-player experience. <li type="squared">Multi-Player compatibility with original PAINKILLER MP Maps and game modes!

Hardware Requirements

  • Microsoft Windows XP or Vista
  • 1.5GHz Pentium III or AMD Athlon Processor
  • 512MB of Ram
  • 128MB DirectX 9 compatible video card
  • DirectX 9 compatible sound card
  • 2.5GB free hard drive space

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