Painkiller: Battle out of Hell Pro Reviews

Average Review Score: 7.8/10

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Painkiller: Battle out of Hell Reviews

website score publish date
2404 9/10 Dec 10 '04
EuroGamer 5/10 Dec 17 '04 78% Jan 24 '05
Game Chronicles Magazine 8.8/10 Feb 22 '05
Gamer's Hell 8.5/10 Jan 04 '05
GameZone 9.0/10 Dec 10 '04
ic-games 85% Dec 18 '04
Thunderbolt 5/10 Dec 11 '04
Worthplaying 9.3/10 Dec 02 '04
Actiontrip 73% Dec 08 '04
Game Watcher 7.8/10 Feb 17 '05
Gamespot 7.6/10 Nov 22 '04
Gamespy 4/5 Nov 14 '04
IGN PC 7.5/10 Nov 11 '04
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Painkiller: Battle out of Hell Previews

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Gamespot on Nov 23 '04

"The first Painkiller expansion is still an impressive ride; it's just somewhat more sporadic than the original."

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GameZone on May 22 '08

"Waves of enemies all around, creative and diverse weaponry and a killer physics engine complete this excellent FPS package. Even though each level is very different from the next, and the enemies..."

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IGN PC on Nov 12 '04

"BooH benefits from fewer, stronger enemies, but chooses to stick with the Serious Sam level of mindless monsters for the most part. And with a little more story, a little more mood, and some basic..."

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Thunderbolt on Apr 11 '08

"There�s no denying that Battle out of Hell looks pretty. It�s actually one of the prettiest games I�ve ever played, with great animations and enemy designs. The few cutscenes look good too...."

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Worthplaying on May 22 '08

"While Painkiller�s "long in the tooth" status is debatable, BooH does much more than function as a booster pack and is probably Painkiller at its absolute finest. While not nearly as long as the..."

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