Codename: Outbreak Pro Reviews

Average Review Score: 6.5/10

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Codename: Outbreak Reviews

website score publish date
GameGal 5/10 Jan 01 '03
ESCMag 7/10 Feb 26 '02
EuroGamer 7/10 Nov 06 '01
Game Over 75% Oct 29 '01
Game Revolution D+ Jan 23 '02
games xtreme 70% Oct 31 '01
GameSpot 5.4/10 Nov 29 '01
Gamespot UK 7.4/10 Sep 11 '01
Gamespy 75/100 Jan 14 '02
Hardcoreware 55% Dec 11 '01 7/10 Oct 20 '01
Media & Games Online 6.5/10 Dec 14 '01
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Codename: Outbreak Previews

website publish date
3D Action Planet Nov 11 '99
Actiontrip Dec 01 '00
Computer Games Online Nov 08 '00
GamesDomain Jan 11 '01
Gamespot UK Aug 30 '01
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Actiontrip on Dec 04 '00

" excellent tactical FPS that adds some innovative and advanced technical features to this sub-genre... the teammates...aren't indispensable... the greatest thing about the team AI is that it..."

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Computer Games Online on Nov 08 '00

"...the AI handles the wingman duties competently enough... the enemies in Venom are pretty nasty on the default difficulty level, and they're well armed... What's most interesting about the..."

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ESCMag on Feb 28 '02

"If you want to get the feel of creeping through the hills as part of an assault team this gets you pretty close. And like many FPS this game really rocks when you go into multiplayer mode."

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EuroGamer on Nov 07 '01

"Codename Outbreak had the potential to be a truly great first person shooter, a science fiction answer to Operation Flashpoint. Unfortunately thanks to AI flaws, clipping problems, awful voice..."

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Game Over on Oct 31 '01

"...Outbreak seems almost surreally whimsical in its treatment of a special forces vs. alien conflict. Perhaps that is what Virgin is aiming for, a light soufflé rather than a heavier formal cake."

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