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Average Review Score: 7.7/10

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O.R.B. Reviews

website score publish date article quality
Actiontrip 70/100 Nov 18 '02
GameSpot 7.5/10 Nov 12 '02
Gamespy 87/100 Dec 30 '02
IGN PC 7.4/10 Nov 25 '02
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O.R.B. Previews

website publish date article rating
Gamesfirst May 28 '02
3dgaming Mar 19 '00
Computer Games Online Mar 22 '00
Gamer's Pulse Jun 05 '01
GamersCentral Jan 24 '00
Games Radar UK May 20 '00
GamesDomain Jun 25 '02
GameSpot Jan 13 '00
GameSpot Oct 21 '02
Gamespy Mar 17 '01
IGN PC Jun 11 '02
PC Gameworld May 18 '00
StrategyPlanet Apr 26 '00
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Quoted from O.R.B. Reviews:
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"O.R.B. sounds like the next best thing in the 3D-in-space strategy game genre, and paired with the excellent graphics, I'd really like to give this game a try. My only concern is that a multiplayer game might never end if someone destroys their enemy's headquarters but can't find a single hidden base on an asteroid. And that's where gamers putting their faith in Strategy First to balance the game well is necessary, and I'm hoping they can do it to make this game all it can be."
"This is altogether an interesting game, in spite of the cliché story and occasionally slow-paced missions. The nice graphics, appealing skirmish missions and the huge number of possible upgrades could satisfy less demanding players for some time."
"Their solution is to create two separate interfaces, one 2D and the other 3D, which are interchangeable and according to McNeely, complimentary. "We created both because 3D space is very complex to navigate, so we’ve created a system where people more familiar with the way 2D games work versus 3D can play just as well as someone familiar with 3D." "
"O.R.B. has a lot that it’s scheduled to offer gamers... Graphically, O.R.B. is shaping up to be a very impressive looking game... has the makings of a very engaging RTS with lots of potential..."
"The premise for O.R.B involves the existence of two dissimilar races, the Alyssians and the Malus, surviving on two dissimilar planets in the Aldus solar system. Each is certain that they are the masters of the celestial domain but this fixation soon evaporates when they discover each other's existence."