Inspired by the teen horror genre, made popular by a number of recent movies and primetime TV shows, Obscure follows a group of 5 American students as they try to unravel the mysterious happenings and disappearances that keep occurring at their school. Through the long eerie corridors and dark hallways of Leafmore, Shannon, Kenny, Ashley, Stan and Josh will come to learn that the night will be long and survival not easy…


  • Survival Horror of new generation in an American High School in the oppressive scenario of a teen movie.
  • Try a "Survival Horror" in a cooperative mode with a team member managed by IA. At any time, you can substitute IA for a second player.
  • Choose your characters between 5 students: 5 lives in your hands and 5 different characteristics.
  • 3D Highly detailed graphics, dynamic lighting systems, and the " BLACK AURA " effect (Hydravision exclusive) which visually modifies the decors around the creatures in real time that will increase the stress of the player and warn him of imminent danger.
  • Featuring Sum 41 and Span
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