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The player slips into it into the role of the Czech Martin Holan, who studies archaeology and linguistics in France. On the request of professor Wild, Martin's Uncle, he goes to investigate a new found tunnel which was discovered during construction of a roadway. When Martin finds his contact person, a friend of his uncle has been murdered in his Prager apartment, the adventure for Martin begins. Upon investigating the old German tunnel, whose origins are assumed to be from the Second World War, Martin discovers they mysteriously lead to the Mayan pyramids!

Nibiru - is not a completely new title, but a technically modernized remake of Posel Bohu (The Black Mirror), which previously appeared however only in Czech language and was published in 1998. They producer strives with this remake however for a more Indiana Jones style of mood and gameplay rather then dark-oppressing atmosphere of Black Mirror.


Future Games delivers unexpected events, mysterioese places and the ventilation of long guarded secrets in this fantasy adventure.


  • Atmospheric visual effects
  • 80 locations of breathtaking scenery and clues galore
  • Multiple chapters of intense storytelling
  • Highly detailed and realistic 3D character animations
  • Over 35 NPC characters to interact with

Hardware Requirements

Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP, 800 MHz Pentium 3 or compatible, 128MB RAM, 16x CD/DVD-ROM Drive, 32 MB DirectX 3D Compatible Video Card, DirectX Compatible Sound Card, Mouse, Keyboard

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