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NFS 3 is a high speed racing game with High-speed racing with real cars and cop chases. There are eight fully-licensed cars and over eight tracks, plus a variety of gameplay modes in both Arcade and Simulation style. You must try to evade the cops in a chase to the finish line.


  • Use radar, dispatchers, and roadblocks to track down speeders.

  • Multiplayer racing in all game modes including split-screen on a single machine.

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    NFS3 site.

  • Race on 8 challenging tracks.

  • 3-D accelerated graphics.

Hardware Requirements

Microsoft Windows 95 or 98.

166 MHz Pentium class processor or compatible (Intel, Cyrix, AMD); or 133 MHz Pentium class processor with graphics acceleration card.

90 MB hard disk space for game plus space for saved games (additional space required for DirectX installation).

16 MB RAM.

4x CD-ROM drive (600 KB per second transfer rate) with Windows 95/98 CD-ROM drive.

DirectX 5.0 or higher.

High color (65,536 color) capable 1 MB PCI video card with DirectDraw compatible driver.


Any DirectInput compatible gaming devices supported by Windows 95/98, including force feedback.

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May 26, 13 5:13pm
loved it all the way nostalgia right there 8.5/10 NeedForSpeed3HotPursuit PSX
05DaRiuS and 3 others played Need For Speed 3: Hot Pursuit
05DaRiuS and 15 others own Need For Speed 3: Hot Pursuit
Feb 16, 09 6:44am
Very fun and entertaining, gfx are best on a flat screen monitor with a NON onboard gfx card. NeedForSpeed3HotPursuit PSX
Matt J
Jan 10, 08 12:05pm
Has anyone got this game in region PAL? Id really like to buy it. NeedForSpeed3HotPursuit PSX
Nov 04, 07 3:36am
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Elemental Heros
Sep 27, 06 6:55am
added a cheat
Dec 03, 04 9:58am
added 7 cheats
Nov 08, 04 5:25am
added a cheat
Jun 14, 04 6:34pm
Get addicted with an innovative racing game featuring police chases. Play as, without, or running from the cops. NeedForSpeed3HotPursuit PSX
Jun 14, 04 6:34pm
Laggy on my computer, but great on any other. NeedForSpeed3HotPursuit PSX
Nov 11, 03 7:16pm
added 3 cheats
Aug 09, 03 2:08pm

Okay. I saw this game and I was so excited to have a racing game for the PC. The...

Mar 25, 03 1:07pm

Need for Speed 3 is my salvation in school. I bought this game looking for something...

Jan 28, 03 12:31am

cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool...

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