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New Legends is a third-person action powered by the Unreal Engine. The player uses melee weapons extensively in the game. In the third person perspective, the player has a better sense of the environment around them for close, physical combat.


  • Spanning 37 levels, New Legends throws players into huge environments based on real-world and fantastic Chinese locales.
  • Visually astounding graphics meld both historical China and a highly stylized futuristic world.
  • Approach battle with the style and skill of a martial artist, wielding two weapons at once, while performing dramatic martial arts attacks and fantastic special moves.
  • Visible inventory of up to four weapons carried on the main character's back include a variety of defensive, ranged and melee weapons.
  • Each weapon has three or more moves associated with it, but controls are kept simple.
  • Acquire super-powerful weapons, "Forbidden Blades of Heaven", by defeating each of the five half-demon offspring of the evil Xao Gon.
  • Key NPCs battle alongside you, bringing to life the story and incredible environments.
  • Gameplay combines combat with problem-solving, with the option of utilizing an aggressive or passive solution.
  • Storyline unfolds in amazing pre-rendered and in-game cinematics.
  • Sun Soo is pitted against one of the game's five boss characters, each of whom draw his or her power from the five classic Chinese elements, earth, wind, fire, metal and water.
  • Each of the NPCs have special skills and attributes that can be put to use to achieve tasks that would otherwise be much more difficult.

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