Inspired by the writings of H.P. Lovecraft, this game plunges you right to the heart of the mystery involving William H. Stanton and his childhood friend. What strange secret is Stanton's friend hiding from him? What lurks in the alchemist's mysterious underground laboratory? What is the meaning of the Necronomicon esoteric formulae? Discover the answers in this graphical adventure.


    <li type+"square"> A gripping graphical mystery adventure that captures the imagination.
    <li type+"square"> Superbly detailed 3D graphics and a rich storyline combine to bring the fascinating and mysterious world of H.P. Lovecraft to life.
    <li type+"square"> 30+ hours of gameplay.
    <li type+"square"> More than 15 characters, modeled in realistic 3D.
    <li type+"square"> More than 40 locations.
    <li type+"square"> Captivating original musical score.

Hardware Requirements

Windows 95/98/ME
Pentium 166 MHz (200 recommended)
16 Mb RAM (32 recommended)
4 x CD-ROM (8 x Recommended)
3D Accelerator Video Card

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