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Nascar Racing 4 has a 16bit graphics engine and improved physics. Features drivers, tracks and teams from the 2000 Winston Cup and Busch Grand National Series season. As well as online gaming which can support up to 32 players at a time.


  • Realistic racing reactions
  • Photo-realistic cars
  • Up to 43 players can simultaneously race online
  • 21 NASCAR Winston Cup tracks
  • All 4 car manufacturers, including the new Dodge Intrepid
  • Hard-core tech options, including tire pressure, weight distribution, and more

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Pants de Leon owns Nascar Racing 4

If your a racing fan then here it is. I really never got into nascar until last year...


WOW!! what a game! in its time, this is probably the best nascar simulation put out....


it's great get it

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