After reading a very descriptive book about an island called Myst, you touch a moving panel on the very last page and are immediately transported to the place you've just been reading about. There's a problem, though - no one seems to be here. Can you find out the mystery behind Myst island?


You enter a unique setting, venturing alone to varied times and places, the worlds that compose Myst. There are no instructions, and you encounter no living beings but soon realize your actions may help individuals who are somehow trapped in a parallel dimension. You don't so much play Myst, as experience it. Of course you must solve a multitude of puzzles, mazes, and problems, but Myst's principal attractions are its environment and the underlying intrafamily drama that unfolds as you explore.


  • Combine keen observation and logic to unlock the secrets of Myst.
  • Original soundtrack and sound effects that enhance the sense of realism.
  • Newly re-mastered Video, audio and new music for the New Age.
  • Single Player Experience—Save Multiple games for various players.

Hardware Requirements

System Requirements:

• Windows 3.1 or Windows 95
• 386 DX 33MHz (486 recommended)
• 4MB of RAM (8 MB recommended) for Windows 3.1
• 8 MB of RAM for Windows 95
• Super VGA (640x480, 256 colors), with compatible drivers
• Windows sound device, with compatible drivers
• CD-ROM drive (2X speed of higher recommended)
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A classic, one of the first games many PC folk fell in love with. Get a notebook ready. Myst PC
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quite hard Myst PC
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