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In Man of War II: Chains of Command, a naval combat simulator, command your warships in battles ranging from ship-to-ship duels on up to massive fleet actions like Camperdown, The Glorious First of June, and Trafalgar. Man of War II includes two campaigns and 30 individual historical scenarios.


  • Engage in explosive real-time naval combat in the Age of Fighting Sail.

  • Sign on in one of three roles, as the Fleet Admiral, Division Commander or Ship Captain.

  • Take command of your ship by issuing crew assignments, types of cannon shot and the targeting of enemy vessels.

  • Conquer the forces of man and nature in volatile, realistic environments.

  • Customize conditions such as wind effect, damage effects, fog of war and crew morale to create the experience you desire.

  • Create and customize your own character, complete with name, portrait and biography. Then plunge into battle and watch him grow in rank and stature.

  • Enlist in over 30 different historical scenarios, ranging from small skirmishes of several ships to epic fleet actions like Trafalgar.

  • Re-enact the battle of Trafalgar in the historical role of Admiral Nelson, or experience the action as a cutter captain right in the midst of the mayhem.

  • Includes a scenario editor and a campaign game.

  • Trade broadsides with an advanced computer opponent in single player mode, go ship to ship in two player modem play or engage the enemy in a multiplayer (Internet/LAN) game with up to 32 ships in simultaneous combat.
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