Smoke, steel, strife; war is upon the land of Calradia, and men and women of all walks of life have come to bear arms, to fight under great heroes, as well as tyrannical villains. As a fledgling leader fighting under one of the five regional lords of the land, you are the greatest factor in its fate.


  • A sophisticated, dynamic world with intense medieval sword fighting action.
  • Game play involves facets of action, strategy, and roleplaying. Providing a dynamic and interesting game experience.
  • Multiple professions to take which provide the player with significantly different types of play styles.
  • Multiple units to recruit with various upgrading choices.
  • Features both first-person and third-person views.
  • Choose between five different factions to fight under.
  • Conquer enemy castles and take them for your own, earning their accumulated gold and recruiting from their barracks.

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For a man and his wife, a bloody good effort. Awesome horseback fighting MountandBlade PC
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