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You're lean and mean, tough and indestructible. Your wheels tear through the tracks and the competition like wild cat paws with huge claws.

Things that go boom don't scare you. You're a monster rocket blasting through the environment with furious explosions of power. You eat nitrous and exhale massive bursts of fire.

You're an extreme basher and a tough as nails racer. You're a Monster Mini.

Game Play


• Extreme off-road racing speeds
• Ninety tracks - three skill levels
• 18 Unique/unreal track themes
• Nitro glycerin injected hazards
• Mouse Input controls standard
• Optional wheel and joypad controls
• Instant replay with user interface
• Nitrous oxide injected power
• Standard and limo style trucks
• Speed shop custom add-ons
• Player tunable vehicle settings

Hardware Info

Required System Memory (MB): 1 GB

Minimum Graphics: 128MB or Greater

Processor Speed (GHz): 1.6ghz

Official URL

Official site.
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