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Mortal Kombat 4 is now presented in 3-D. Fifteen combatants are featured and finally, you can play as Goro (an unplayable boss in the arcades) and Meat, a hidden character. Combatants can pick up and throw objects lying around in the area. There are a total of 8 arenas in the tournament.


  • Choose to fight as one of the fifteen main characters or pick one of the two hidden fighters.
  • Challenge the arcade mode, dip into team play, go for it in endurance matches, set up a tournament or just practice with your favourite fighter.
  • Enhance 2 player battles with codes, input at the versus screen, for special effects like big heads and one hit KOs.
  • MK4 hits the 3D realm. Sidestep attacks and smash opponents to the side.
  • Unleash combos, throws, limb-breakers and special attacks. If that's not enough then pull out a weapon and hit your opponent with that as well.
  • Watch the blood fly in this gruesome fighter. Finish off opponent's in deadly style as each character possesses two fatalities, as well as two stage fatalities usable by everyone.
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