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An alien attack has left humanity with no choice but to head for the alien homeworlds, exterminate its inhabitants, and re-colonize on their planets. Play as one of the two sides. Commit your resources and coordinate your attacks against the enemy well, once a map is won you will still need to defend it against future attacks.


  • Highly developed economical element
  • Resources to manage, crucial for your development
  • Inventive module for managing human resources
  • Spherical maps having no beginning or end. These offer many totally new possibilities and strategies to players (especially in multi-player mode)
  • Progress on each planet is highly dependent on the situation on other planets. What the player does or creates on every planet will influence the game later on
  • The unique capability of relocating the troops and raw materials between planets encourages the player to use resources on each planet efficiently, and this becomes an essential requisite for success in later game stages
  • A wide array of military unit types allows the player a great diversity of playing strategies and thus different ways to defeat the enemy
  • Unique amongst games in this genre is the possibility to enter the enemy main base and conduct the fight at the single-soldier level
  • The AI attacks in an intelligent calculated manner, on multiple selected fronts. In addition, it frequently attacks on multiple planets at the same time
  • Over 20 planets
  • Almost 100 unit types and upgrades
  • Dynamic action
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Everyboby downs the game but is a great game if you look at the good sides.(a few will...


I feel like I wasted the $5.99 I spent on this poor excuse for a game. Lost interest...


love it! if anyone else has this game and knows how to beat the second planet plz...


Mind of its own, poor interface, even Tiberian Sun was better and that was Westwoods...

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