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A Campaign Expansion pack for BLITZKRIEG, the popular World War 2 Real Time Strategy game by Nival Interactive.


Mission: Barbarossa offers a brand new single-player campaign for Blitzkrieg depicting Germany's invasion of Russia in 1941 along 11 historical battles and countless random missions. Starting as a Leutnant in the German Panzer forces, the player will spearhead the offensive of Army Group Centre towards Smolensk. The player will progress along the 9 chapters of the campaign. Earning medals and promotions and leading in tactical combat an ever-increasing number of experienced tanks and artillery units.


  • New Single Player German Campaign
  • More Realistic Game Play
  • Enhanced AI Behaviour
  • New 3D Model Units
  • New Infantry Units
  • Historically Accurate
  • Compatible with Burning Horizons & Rolling Thunder

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