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Mirror's Edge 2 is still a long way off, but the sequel will likely feature better combat than... posted Jun 25, 14 3:47pm

The long-awaited sequel of DICE's unique 2008 parkour adventure Mirror's Edge has been given a... posted May 05, 15 5:55pm

Mirror's Edge 2 didn't make an appearance at this year's EA E3 press conference. Instead, EA... posted Jun 09, 14 5:32pm

On Monday, EA gave the world its first look at Mirror's Edge 2. There have been rumors about a sequel for years,... posted Jun 12, 13 4:55pm

EA's surprise announcement kicker to their E3 2013 press conference was none other than Mirror's Edge 2. Despite... posted Jun 10, 13 3:16pm

Internet sleuths are at it again, discovering a Mirror's Edge 2 page listed on Electronic Arts' support... posted May 30, 13 8:38am

Mirror's Edge 2 just popped up on Germany's Amazon website. It's since been taken down, but we have a... posted May 23, 13 10:56am

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