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Mirror's Edge is a action adventure platform game with a heavy emphasis on free-running mechanics; players become Faith, a "Runner" who must evade government authorities and security across cityscapes in a dystopian future after her sister is framed for a crime she didn't commit.

The game adopts a first-person viewpoint with no HUD during gameplay to maximize immersion and visual fidelity as players navigate 3D environments set in city rooftops and office buildings. Players build speed and momentum to keep Faith moving throughout the levels using parkour techniques, leaping over or sliding and rolling under obstacles through context-sensitive upward and downward controls. To facilitate the player's ability to move throughout environments, surfaces and areas that Faith can free-run across can be highlighted in red colors to represent her feeling the "flow."

Faith can also engage in first-person combat against opponents using melee and firearm attacks, though the game does not actively encourage violent solutions to reaching level goals.

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May 20, 13 4:24pm
Wonderful game <3 MirrorsEdge iPhone

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Dec 17, 12 3:24am

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Jul 22, 12 9:12pm
looks fun and ive heard plenty of good things about it. MirrorsEdge iPhone

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Dark Arcanine
Sep 19, 11 1:43am
Won't even start up. Will update if I ever get it fixed. MirrorsEdge iPhone

Some are aware of the lawsuit concerning the "Edge" copyright and the use of the word in the Mirror's Edge... posted Oct 07, 10 4:58pm

Sep 05, 10 8:04am
My favourite game. It involves my favourite sport. The first person mode makes the game so much more real. MirrorsEdge iPhone
Aug 15, 10 11:33am
I'm Not Normally Very Good With This Kind Of Game Play, Which Puts Me Off A Little But I Love The Art Of It SO Much I'm Always Pulled... MirrorsEdge iPhone
Jul 22, 10 1:48pm
I played a demo of it. People say the demo is pretty much the whole game, but I want the full game anyway. It's cheap. MirrorsEdge iPhone
Jun 06, 10 2:47am
Quite hard. I like free running. Can't wait for the new one. MirrorsEdge iPhone
Apr 21, 10 9:51pm
liked this game MirrorsEdge iPhone
Mar 13, 10 4:11am
added 12 new concept art
Mar 06, 10 10:46pm
added 20 new concept art
Dec 14, 09 5:00pm
Score: 86 An acquired taste but what a sweet taste it is. MirrorsEdge iPhone
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