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Average Review Score: 6.0/10

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Midnight Nowhere Reviews

website score publish date
gameplasma.com 76% Apr 24 '04
Thunderbolt 3/10 Apr 19 '04
Adrenaline Vault 2/5 Jun 07 '04
Adventure Gamers 3/5 Feb 08 '04
Gamer's Hell 7.6/10 Nov 26 '03
Gamespot 6.3/10 Apr 01 '04
Gamespy 2/5 Jan 03 '04
ic-games 82/100 Mar 29 '04
IGN PC 7.8/10 Mar 16 '04
Just Adventure + D- Feb 10 '04
PlayXcess 7/10 Mar 30 '04
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Midnight Nowhere Previews

website publish date
EuroGamer Jan 30 '04
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Adventure Gamers on Mar 19 '04

"This game is certainly not for children, as there is quite a bit of gore, and some frontal nudity; a kind of incongruity in its own right, adding to the strange climate that is MN."

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EuroGamer on Mar 19 '04

"You scrutinize each area of the gameworld in order to find clues, tools, and so on that allow you to solve puzzles, progress to new areas and work out the plot. The puzzles are set to be tricky."

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Gamer's Hell on Nov 27 '03

"If you're in the mood for a sarcastic cerebral affair, check out Midnight Nowhere. You'll chuckle through your confusion and frustration."

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Gamespot on Apr 02 '04

"The early promise of this Russian-designed horror adventure game feels like it literally got lost in translation."

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Gamespy on Apr 16 '04

"It's creepy and kooky and altogether spooky, but it doesn't make a lick of sense."

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