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Gamer's Reality Oct 09 '99
GameSpot May 15 '03
IGN PC Dec 17 '03
PlayNOW! Mar 15 '00
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"In addition to choosing a specific race for your character, you'll be able to determine what sorts of skills and abilities you'll have using a hybrid profession system that will let you develop your character both as a member of a specific character class and as a character with a varied set of skills that will unlock advanced abilities along a skill tree, much like in Asheron's Call 2."
"Turbine also plans to implement regular game updates that will continue the story of Middle-Earth Online past the constraints of The Fellowship of the Ring. Even though at launch The Fellowship will have just left Moria, more of the overall lore and geography of Middle-Earth will be revealed in updates and expansions. If all goes well with MEO at launch, Tolkien's classic narrative will play itself out in real time as you play the game."
"The game (currently called Middle Earth) will be bigger and more comprehensive than the hugely popular Ultima Online. Best of all, Middle Earth will present the player with a true 3D playfield (as opposed to Ultima Online's 2D approach), and the game will be played on a continuous scrolling-map world, with no need to wait for segments to load as you visit new areas."