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Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance is described by the Metal Gear series creator as the essential version of Metal Gear Solid 2. In addition to the ability to play as Solid Snake throughout the entire course of Sons of Liberty, Substance will also allow you to play as several other characters, master over 200 new VR missions, and experience 5 new game episodes.


Infiltrate enemy territory, avoid battles, and avoid being seen. Use the weapons you find to your advantage to complete your mission. You can use a disguise to fool your enemies and you must use the weapons at your disposal to defeat the bosses as you gradually get closer and closer to finding and destroying Metal Gear. Only then will your mission be complete.


  • 350+ VR Missions and 150+ Alternate Missions!

  • 5 all-new "Snake Tales" side stories!

  • For the European version, a whole new Skateboarding side game

  • Boss Survival Mode, letting you go head to head against the main games Boss characters

  • Casting Theater Mode, letting you recreate certain cinematics throughout the main game

  • Contains the entire "Sons of Liberty" game

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Just finished this game for the millionth time, still love it <3 MetalGearSolid2Substance PC
CloudGalacy played Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance
CloudGalacy and 15 others own Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance
Now this game IS smoken' hot. It rulez i especially lerv the quotes the gameplay the music and tha main character. Solid Snake just rocks! MetalGearSolid2Substance PC
AWESOMELY AMAZING with a side of COOLNESS! MetalGearSolid2Substance Xbox
MGS2:SoL with new features and extras. MetalGearSolid2Substance Xbox
More missions, new gaming modes. Kojima, you're awesome! MetalGearSolid2Substance Xbox
Really awesome game. I had MGS on PS1 and it was my favorite game on that entire console. MetalGearSolid2Substance Xbox
just as good as mgs2, with extras! MetalGearSolid2Substance Xbox
Sons of Liberty is awesome, so this is obviously better. MetalGearSolid2Substance Xbox
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