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Guard against the downfall of humanity and take up arms in the challenge to become one of the greatest mercenaries the world has to offer. Reveling in the limelight of action-packed, third-person shooters, Mercenary Ops combines real-time physics and dynamic gameplay to bring the player experience to a whole new level. With stunning visual effects and extremely detailed shading and texturing, Mercenary Ops is incredibly lifelike and refined, offering authentic and truly competitive gameplay to the third person shooter genre.

Game Play


  • The Advantage is in the View
- Battlefield perspectives have been redefined with new ways to gain tactical superiority.
  • Power and Prestige
- Rise to the challenge and triumph in exhilarating head to head combat.
  • And the Work Begins
- Cooperate with others to combat the forces unleashed by deadly corporations.

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Because the world could do with more free online shooters, Mercenary Ops is starting up their closed beta testing... posted May 14, 12 10:22am

May 14, 12 9:33am
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