Medieval II: Total War Kingdoms Pro Reviews

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Medieval II: Total War Kingdoms Reviews

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Bright Hub  --- Oct 20 '08
EuroGamer 8/10 Aug 31 '07
1UP 8/10 Sep 20 '07
Actiontrip 84/100 Sep 06 '07
GameSpot 8.0/10 Sep 07 '07
Gamespy 4/5 Sep 04 '07
Gamespy 4/5 Sep 26 '11
IGN PC 8.4/10 Sep 10 '07
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Medieval II: Total War Kingdoms Previews

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EuroGamer Jul 18 '07
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Quoted from Medieval II: Total War Kingdoms Reviews:
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"For those who are into the real-time battles (I was bored of them long before I grew tired of the campaign), the game boasts a new unit count somewhere over 100, but I suspect most players will parse everything as "weak infantry," "strong artillery," or "shoots arrows" anyway -- even when they're hurling hornets' nests or javelins instead. I suppose someone out there might be paying close attention to all the stats of the varying units, so they know what separates one spearman from the next -- but for me, Medieval II already has enough numbers to worry about."
"On the whole, instead of messing with the familiar basic gameplay mechanics, Creative Assembly decided to deliver as much fresh content as possible, which means you'll be busy with the game for quite some time. Each campaign provides a unique experience and we fully recommend the game to fans of the series. Some of the drawbacks mentioned earlier, thankfully, haven't spoiled the overall experience."
"The original game had a great deal of depth and most gamers could expect to get several weeks worth of gaming out of it. I’d recommend the expansion for people who still enjoy the original but are starting to find it a bit stale or people who like the sound of one of the new campaigns."
"That I'm showing this much unvarnished excitement over the pack with a month and a half until release is proof of that this is looking like something special. The only possible bugbear is that the campaigns becoming increasingly buggy past the early stages (I've only got into the mid-game in the Crusades pack, which showed no problems). Since Creative Assembly's record is hardly clean on that point, that's a relatively large possible bugbear. If that's not true...well, if there's a better add-on pack this year, then...well, I'll be incredibly glad. But also surprised."
"This great new expansion offers a significant amount of new content for veteran Medieval II players."