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MechWarrior 4 Vengeance portrays the players' epic struggles to reclaim their birthright as they command an awesomely armed, 40-foot tall, 100-ton war machine across the remote battlefields of a hostile world. Packed with intense action, MechWarrior 4 Vengeance places you in command of a legion of BattleMechs in a heroic struggle to liberate an oppressed planet. If you survive, you will have saved the planet. If you die, you die a hero. You will feel fear, but your enemies will know terror!

Hardware Requirements

Pentium 450 MHz
1GB free HDD
16 MB Video
DirectX 8.0

Official URL

Official Site
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After word came around that Microsoft was stalling on the free re-release of Mechwarrior 4, the gaming community... posted Apr 24, 10 4:05am

Intended to be released around Thanksgiving last year, Studio MekTek was on track to re-release Mechwarrior 4 and... posted Apr 04, 10 2:54am

One of the PC's staple game series back in the 90's was Mechwarrior, deemed as one of the best franchises about... posted Nov 16, 09 4:30am

This was fun but there were too many 'conditions'. Mechwarrior4Vengeance PC

The year is 3063. The Clan invasion has ended. You return to your home world a hero,...


Just to give you a sense of how boring this game is, I bought this game in the summer...


But hey, with all these new MW games like vengeance,black knight etc,it can keep our...


Overall, this game is okay. They could have included some 'meat' into the game, and...


A great game. In my opinon, it could be $50.00 and I would buy it; for only $29.99,...


The game is pretty awesome. on the totallyawesomegame-o-meter it scores a 8.7. It...


I like it better then MW3! I graphics are outstanding!
The sound will knock you out of...


can you make one with my idea. then it would be great


I see lots of negative reviews about this, but as someone who's not familiar with MW...


i lost interest in Mw3 as soon as i finished it. i really like mw4 much better i like...

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