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Majestic Reviews

website score publish date article quality 4.5/5 Apr 09 '02
Computer Games Online 2/5 Nov 28 '01
Gamesfirst 5/5 Sep 09 '01
GameSpot 6.7/10 Aug 15 '01
Gamespy 81/100 Nov 26 '01
GameZilla 92/100 Aug 15 '01
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Majestic Previews

website publish date article rating
Computer Games Online Jul 10 '01
Computer Games Online Apr 23 '01
GameCenter Jan 05 '01
Games Radar UK Mar 07 '01
Gamespy Nov 19 '00
IGN PC Nov 16 '00
PC Apr 22 '01
Sharky Games Jan 17 '01
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Quoted from Majestic Reviews:
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"If your a fan of the X-Files or anything involving conspiracys you will love Majestic its unlike any other game you have ever played. The game takes place on a website and is in real-time. The game uses Video, Audio, Telephone, Fax and Pager messages to suck you into the world. Its a very strange experience actually i was playing the game and the phone rang it was a person From the game on the other end, thats the kind of immersion you can expect. I even was threatened over the telephone by a very angry scientist who accussed me of stealing his pictures :)."
"Majestic is truly unique in that it doesn't wait for you to grab a mouse, sit in front of your monitor, and fire it up. Majestic finds you... How real you want your Majestic experience to be is completely up to you."
"The interesting thing about all of this is that since you know that the game is designed to play tricks with your mind, you overanalyze everything... The reality versus illusion technique, at least initially, plays out extremely well."
"As we learned from umpteen ongoing seasons of The X-Files, you can get a lot of mileage from dribbling out a conspiracy over a long period of time. Majestic seems to be going for the same effect. The truth is out there, but in this case, it's not really worth finding."
"When Majestic "ships" this month, don't look for trucks carrying shiny shrink-wrapped boxes to make deliveries to retail stores. The Internet's top e-tailers won't be of much help either. You'll have to log on to with your credit card, cell phone number, fax number, and anything else the game might find useful for the experience."