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Lead your country through the historical epochs that have shaped our world, from the Fall of Constantinople through to the Age of Discovery in the West. Master the politics of the Holy Roman Empire, and face down the Barbary Pirates terrorizing the Mediterranean. Guide Japan through the Sengoku Period in the Far East, or take charge of the Horse Nomads of Central Asia. Lead India through its struggles, direct your nation through religious clashes, and guide your people through colonialism and slavery. Experience the Age of Revolution with America's struggle for independence, and a host of other historical challenges…
Gameplay Goal: Give the player the tools to pursue his objectives with a myriad of different strategies, and immerse him in a new reality. His challenge is to make the right calls and to look back decades later, if not centuries, and be proud of the decisions that shaped his nation's destiny.

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  • Over 400 playable countries spanning more than 300 years of history
  • Open-ended and challenging gameplay that is always different but plausible
  • Play all over the world, experiencing different challenges depending on culture, religion, technology, geography, and much more
  • Experience modeled historical processes that evolve dynamically each game, building a believable narrative
  • Brought to you by a team of specialists including historians, anthropologists, and strategy analysts
  • Built on the critically acclaimed Clausewitz engine from Europa Universalis III

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