'Made Man' is a third person action adventure that follows Joey Verola as he is indoctrinated into, and progresses through, the hierarchy of the most notorious crime organization in history; the Mafia.

The storyline spans three decades of his life, from the horror of Vietnam to the urban jungle of Brooklyn, but it avoids the clichéd chronological constraints of many other games.

Made Man has a very strong plot, with the missions written by best selling authority on the Mafia, David Fisher. David's collaboration with retired Mafia caporigieme Bill Bonanno, a senior member of the Bonanno crime family, has ensured that each career step and mission is based upon authentic Mafia incidents. The involvement of these authorities gives an authenticity to the content of the game and also presents a considerable marketing opportunity.


  • Features a storyline created by the famous Mafia author David Fisher and real life former head of the infamous Bonnano crime family, Bill Bonnano.

  • 'Jump To Cover' mechanic allows the player to utilise the environment and the objects within it to avoid enemy fire.

  • PIP (Picture-in-Picture) gives the player the awareness of events going on elsewhere in the environment and enhances the player's experience with dramatic stylization

  • Dual weapons! Joey can dual wield any of the weapons simultaneously for double the carnage!

  • Melee weapons allow for bar room brawling style hand-to-hand combat, geared to downright thuggery. Using stealth, players can get up close and personal and perform 'Stealth Kills' on unsuspecting enemies.

  • Proprietary physics and 'rag doll' system - Dynamic environments allow the player to destroy his surroundings and enemies with realistic and utterly believable results.

  • 17 rich and dynamic environments from the jungles of Vietnam to the streets of New York spanning the 60's 70's & 80's.

  • Licensed music tracks from the 60's, 70's and 80's

  • Dolby 5.1 audio surround support guarantees total player emersion.

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