A line which precedes the title, "Fantasy Life", is meant to describe the game's very essence. Said to be an MMORPG with a Harvest Moon feel, Mabinogi's much more than grinding. The fastest way to become stronger is to defeat monsters in the dungeons the game has laid out, though a wealth of other features make the game much more complex. "Fantasy Life" tells the story as you do things such as part-time jobs for employers in the town shops, chores such as gathering berries and herding sheep, composing and creating music for instruments, and of course, taking jobs like rescuing somebody from monsters.


Most of the features need to be paid for, but in a free account you create a character between the ages of 10 and 17, and start your alternate Fantasy Life doing jobs and cleansing dungeons as you age and become stronger. For money and titles you can do things such as shearing a sheep's wool and picking berries, as well as destroying monsters from dungeons and harvesting materials from them.

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