Left 4 Dead 2 Own / Want List

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Redemption None
Sonic Flash None
John Marston None
NegativeZero None
KazooieTooie None
Trafalgar None
Exonerate None
Principality None
Woodentop None
Daniel-064 None
Storm None
Monterey Jack None
Iceguy2003 None
DwaynePheonix None
iamstarfox None
Glotnot None
stormseeker87 None
Vergil Ties None
The Deathwind None
tekmosis None
Kool Mode D I play this a lot!
Machienzo Finally bought the game from the US. The uncensored version rocks. It is a great sequel with new characters, weapons and gameplay mechanics.
Darkness1000 None
Hellfire29 None
HavestMoonGirl better on xbox.
RabidChinaGirl None
vicrabb None
chautemoc None
Frost None
Kienenloe None
Lorx None
Searle None
Nagare None
Tonystew42 None
Frozok1 None
steelie34 None
Zombie OvErKiLl None
shadowkaino None
Kimplix None
FrostyFoxx None
Sinjiyo None
Wyatt None
Interludez None
gagaters None
PC4Me None
Anstormning None
Idaho Biker None
kathmish None
Serge884 None