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Average Review Score: 5.1/10

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Kreed Reviews

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Computer and Video Games 39/100 Aug 04 '04
Gamers Europe 5/10 Jul 07 '04
Jolt.co.uk 6.3/10 Jul 05 '04
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Computer and Video Games on

"The story is something to do with spaceships being too close to some sort of anomaly (which is 'The Kreed' I think), which has turned everyone into monsters and/or madmen."

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Gamers Europe on

"Kreed is set in an alternate universe some time in the future, it all gets a little trippy from this point on because it looks like the developers were chewing on some Scooby snacks whilst busily..."

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Jolt.co.uk on

"The story takes place towards the end of the third millennium, and the human race is now space faring and, all too typically, warlike."

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