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An evil Bishop has abducted Adelle, a mysterious young woman with divine powers. With his entourage of disciples and their captive Adelle, he embarks on an Unholy crusade, moving along the initial routes of the historic crusades. By misusing Adelle's powers against her will, he plans to complete the Unholy Circle and to perform dark rituals at sacred places to desecrate them. This way he intends to eventually unlock and gain access to the Gateway to Hell.

Paul, a young, newly initiated Templar knights finds upon him the tough task of starting a mission to uncover the Evil Conspiracy, to interrupt the Unholy Circle and to prevent the Evil Bishop from fulfilling his plan. Only by saving Adelle can he save the world form Evil.


  • Encounter up to 30+ different enemies with different behaviors and weaknesses on an epic quest to save the souls of mankind, including your own!
  • Explore 25 levels in medieval settings. Ranging from the sombre gloom of European monasteries and villages to the colourful bazaars and powerful bastions of the crusader castles under the blazing sun in the Holy Land!
  • Enter the realms of hell and face your worst nightmares.
  • Use the full range of chivalric arms of medieval times: sword, mace, axe to conquer your foes in realistic close combat fighting with a multitude of context sensitive attacks!
  • Divine powers that will help you face your worst fears.
  • Character progression through Combo Attacks, Special Attacks and Divine powers.
  • See state-of-the-art natural motion captured animations and realistic combat with 160 moves and animations, in-game events and cut-scenes!
  • Enjoy 27 different sound tracks in a movie-style score with a medieval touch!
  • Animation driven physics, creating fluent motion that are synchronized with the hero's actions!
  • Dynamic use of camera and 3rd person view creates a movie-like feeling!
  • State-of-the-art graphics and special effects.
  • Extensive use of short cut-scenes and animated events using the game engine will further enhance the cinematic feeling of Knights of the Temple!
  • Realistic fighting, using heavy and deliberate moves, dirty tricks and shield bashing, causing massive damage per blow, will put the player into harsh reality of medieval swordplay!
  • Challenging archery using the bow and arrows. Without the aid of a crosshair, the player must master all skills to get the deadly arrows to strike home!
  • Dynamic skill system aids the player to develop the preferred traits of the hero, without burdening the gameplay with statistics and record keeping!
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nasty nappa
Aug 26, 11 7:33am
a very great game to hack and slash your way through but its pritty hard KnightsOfTheTemple PC
Mar 28, 04 7:05pm

The game has a great look and atmosphere. Even though it seems to only require Directx...

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