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The Nightmare Child is spawning evil incarnations with his twisted imagination. Can a mere mortal stop this threat to reality? Only by gathering the powers of the four Elders from their worlds can you hope to succeed in defeating the spawn of evil.

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Jul 31, 07 1:34pm
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Steve Chong
Jul 20, 02 12:09pm

In the beginning the game is very enjoying. But in the middle of the game, it begin to...

Jul 31, 00 7:00am
Jul 25, 00 3:30pm

I think it is awsome and im a big Kiss Fan and i love the comics and it is very based...

Rejoice, Todd McFarlane minions... Third Law Interactive's first game, KISS PSYCHO CIRCUS: THE NIGHTMARE CHILD,... posted Jul 10, 00 10:33pm

Jul 10, 00 9:51pm
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