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Horzine Biotech, a company specializing in biotechnology, was tasked by the government to perform cloning and mutation experiments on human subjects. When something goes terribly awry and the specimens on which the experiments were performed become insanely hostile, the company and its military protectors are overwhelmed, allowing the specimens (referred to as "zeds") to spill into the cities of London and devour its citizens and law enforcement.

Led by Dr. Kevin Clamely, who has since been cybernetically enhanced, the zeds have ravaged London and are intended to expand into overseas territory. In attempts to contain the situation, the military has dispatched eradication teams into the infested areas whose task is to wipe out as many of the specimens as possible and ultimately take out their leader, the patriarch. You the player are part of one of said teams and will have to work strategically to eliminate the threats while staying alive!

Game Play

Killing Floor is a first-person survival shooter that can be played either solo or cooperatively. There are two game modes, "Killing Floor" and "Objective". The former requires players to defeat wave after wave of specimens followed by the patriarch. The latter requires a specific task to be completed while specimens attack the players.

There are five levels of difficulty: Beginner, Normal, Hard, Suicidal, and Hell on Earth. Each difficulty level determines how many zeds will appear, how fast they move, how much damage they can take and deal, and the amount of money the player receives for each kill. Players must combine the abilities of their selected perk and the weapons at their disposal to survive as long as it takes to eradicate the threat!


  • Two game modes, Killing Floor and Objective that can be played solo or cooperatively
  • Five levels of difficulty, each much more difficult than the last
  • Seven interchangeable perks to choose from, each offering special abilities for particular weapon classes
  • Seven classes of weapons, specialized for the perk of your choice or if you choose no perk at all
  • Holiday events and achievements
  • DLC packs for weapons and character skins

Hardware Info

Operating Systen: Windows 2000 / XP / Vista
CPU 1.2 GHz or Equivalent
Memory 512 MB RAM
Hard Drive Space 2 GB free hard drive space
Graphics Hardware 64 MB DX9 Compliant
Sound Hardware DX8.1 Compatible Audio

Official URL

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