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Killer Is Dead: Nightmare Edition is the PC exclusive port of Grasshopper Manufacture's bombastic action adventure previously released for the PS3 and Xbox 360, featuring a new Nightmare difficulty level where only special kinds of attacks can defeat enemies. The PC release also includes the Smooth Operator Pack which was released as DLC for console.

Players become Mondo Zappa, an executioner of criminals and assassins in the employ of the Bryan Execution Firm. Zappa wields a sword in one hand, while his other arm is a cybernetic replacement that can transform in a variety of other weapons which players can use to perform elaborate executions on enemies.

While Killer Is Dead is not a direct sequel to producer Goichi Suda's Killer7 and No More Heroes series, the game aims to maintain thematic elements from both including putting the players in the shoes of an assassin tasked with killing other killers.

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