Kane & Lynch: Dead Men Pro Reviews

Average Review Score: 6.4/10

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Kane & Lynch: Dead Men Reviews

website score publish date
1UP 5/10 Dec 19 '07
Actiontrip  71/100 Nov 29 '07
Games Radar /10 Nov 14 '07
IGN PC 7/10 Nov 26 '07
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Kane & Lynch: Dead Men Previews

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HookedGamers.com Oct 19 '07
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1UP on Dec 21 '07

"Kane & Lynch serves as an important lesson in game design: The medium is not the message. Don't get me wrong -- it's still entertaining, especially if you're looking to play on a more casual basis...."

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Games Radar on May 07 '12

"Nov 16, 2007 On paper, this game should be incredible. Its got two uniquely grizzled anti-heroes, an impeccable developer (IO, of Hitman fame) and loads of Michael Mann-inspired set-pieces (more..."

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HookedGamers.com on Oct 25 '07

"In summary, Kane & Lynch: Dead Men doesn’t seem amazingly innovative, but there are some neat little twists and tweaks to the gameplay that connoisseurs of the genre may find fascinating."

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