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Kana. Your younger sister, stricken with a life-threatening disease. You have always looked out for her, protected her, helped her. The bond between you is unbreakable. She is so fragile, and so loving. Always smiling for you, even through her pain.

But there is confusion. As she wastes away before your eyes, what are your true feelings for your younger sister? Do you want to protect her and guide her? Is she your best friend and confidante? Or.... could it be something deeper and truer than the mere relationship of brother and sister bonded by tragic circumstance? Follow this emotional story, this heartfelt story of the truest meaning of love, Kana's story...and your story.

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Blue Frenzy
Sep 05, 04 4:30am

A very realisti sotry. Sure you will cry, and dont try to be strong. Let your feelings...

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