Jumpgate: Evolution Pro Reviews

Average Review Score: 7.0/10

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Jumpgate: Evolution Reviews

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Strategy Informer 7.0/10 Jun 24 '11
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Jumpgate: Evolution Previews

website publish date
Bright Hub Mar 25 '09
Kotaku Apr 15 '08
Ten Ton Hammer Feb 22 '09
IGN PC Sep 05 '09
Strategy Informer Mar 29 '11
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Bright Hub on Mar 25 '09

"Jumpgate Evolution is due out this summer and it looks like an excellent MMO. The focus is on accessible, fast-paced combat and action in a world with several warring nations, a player controlled..."

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Kotaku on Mar 04 '09

"How long do you play a game before you decide if you like it? An hour, two, a day? Try 15 minutes. The first fifteen is all the time a developer gets to convince a gamer that what they're..."

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Strategy Informer on Apr 15 '11

"Pride cometh before a fall... or something..."

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Strategy Informer on Jul 07 '11

"Pride cometh before the fall..."

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Ten Ton Hammer on Mar 18 '09

"If Codemasters and NetDevil were looking too appeal to the perfect demographic at Jumpgate Evolution Gamer's Day in San Francisco, they shouldn't have invited me. For the past six plus years, I've..."

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