Gaius James Rover is a pup with dreams. All his life, he wanted to own a circus. Unfortunately for him, he gets caught up in events that are a little unsavoury and has to try and make it as a pirate, in order to salvage his dignity.

Game Play

Jolly Rover is set in the style of a 2D point and click adventure game, with hilarity ensuing through conversations, object examination and more.


  • Over 60 beautifully rendered locations
  • 25 colourful characters that bring the story to life
  • Traditional point-and-click adventure with simple interface
  • Organic and fully integrated hint and tracking system
  • Unlockable extras including bios, character concept art, and music.

Hardware Info

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Jolly Rover wasn’t a game I went out of my way to purchase, since the point and click...

Dec 07, 10 10:48am
Meh first impressions. Some puzzle solutions are ridiculously obscure and seem to have little to do with the actual puzzles. JollyRover PC
May 26, 10 12:59am
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