Jagged Alliance 2 Pro Reviews

Average Review Score: 8.6/10

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Jagged Alliance 2 Reviews

website score publish date article quality
Agn3d 8/10 Sep 13 '99
FiringSquad 4.5/5 Oct 31 '99
Game Power Australia  --- Aug 07 '99
Game Unit 4.5/5 Aug 30 '99
GameCenter 9/10 Aug 23 '99
GameOver.net 91% Aug 24 '99
GamersCentral  --- Sep 02 '99
GamersVoice 4.5/5 Sep 27 '99
GamesDomain  --- Aug 23 '99
GameSpot 8.8/10 Aug 07 '99
Gamespot UK 8.5/10 Sep 02 '99
PC Zone 80% Aug 31 '99
PlayNOW! 8/10 Sep 10 '99
Quantum 9 8/10 Aug 07 '99
Strategy Gaming Online 9/10 Aug 31 '99
Well Rounded Entertainment  --- Sep 28 '99
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FiringSquad on

"I love this game! What can I say? It's fun, thought-provoking, stimulating, engaging, deep, memorable, nuanced. I wish I could use the Jagged Alliance 2 setup to beat on my friends, i.e., play this..."

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Game Power Australia on

"It turns out that although the original turn-based system of movement and combat resolution worked particularly well in Jagged Alliance, Currie decided that he would take Jagged Alliance 2 to the..."

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GameSpot on

"The addition of more role-playing elements is welcome, but many of these features seem underdeveloped. When speaking with NPCs, for example, you simply choose your attitude toward them (friendly,..."

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Quantum 9 on

"Now, there is one thing I must complain about, very loudly. There is NO multiplayer! I almost cried as I thought of the possibilities of two parts of a country given to each team, with its own merc..."

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Well Rounded Entertainment on

"Although technologically, JA2 is not state of the art, it's years ahead of its competitors in terms of game design. Sir-Tech has clearly demonstrated that hard work, attention to detail and awesome..."

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