World War Zero: Ironstorm Pro Reviews

Average Review Score: 7.0/10

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World War Zero: Ironstorm Reviews

website score publish date
ESCMag 7/10 Nov 26 '02
Gamer's Hell 7.2/10 Nov 02 '02
Gamespot 7/10 Oct 29 '02
Gamespy 54/100 Nov 10 '02
IGN PC 8.0/10 Oct 29 '02
MonkeyReview 3.5/5 Nov 21 '02
Ownt 75/100 Dec 03 '02
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World War Zero: Ironstorm Previews

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IGN PC Aug 21 '02
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ESCMag on Nov 27 '02

"...the gameplay here is solid, and most shooter fans will be pleased."

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Gamer's Hell on Nov 05 '02

"Its storyline is fairly decent, but with such a mediocre execution I feel that almost everyone would get much better value for their money by purchasing No One Lives Forever 2, Battlefield 1942 or..."

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Gamespot on Oct 30 '02

"Its story doesn't make a whole lot of sense, and it's sometimes frustratingly difficult, but Iron Storm is a reasonably successful action game, which is what counts."

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IGN PC on Aug 22 '02

"While the game is still a little ways off and needs some tweaking in AI and hit detection, there's definitely a solid premise here. It won't break a whole lot of new ground for the genre, but looks..."

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IGN PC on Oct 30 '02

"If you want challenging shooter that doesn't ask too much more than fingers that work and some good reflexes. You'll find plenty of things to shoot at in Iron Storm and have plenty of fun with it..."

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