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Inversion Reviews

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Strategy Informer 3.0/10 Dec 31 '69
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Inversion Previews

website publish date
AtomicGamer Feb 20 '11
Computer and Video Games Oct 31 '10
Computer and Video Games Mar 20 '12
Computer and Video Games Jul 18 '11
Computer and Video Games Jan 14 '12
Games Radar Apr 22 '11
Games Radar Feb 04 '11
Games Radar Jun 16 '11
GameSpot Feb 04 '11
GameSpot May 16 '11
GameSpot Sep 13 '11
GameSpot Apr 14 '11
IGN 360 Feb 04 '11
Official Xbox Magazine Apr 29 '11
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AtomicGamer on Feb 24 '11

"This gravity-manipulation shooter from Namco might be on to something."

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Games Radar on Feb 06 '11

" Namco Bandai claimed right before our recent hands-on with Inversion that the game’s central conceit, that you can manipulate gravity in all sorts of ways, is most certainly not a gimmick...."

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Games Radar on May 02 '11

" The last time we played Inversion, we left with an unanswered question: does the game offer more than a gimmick? Well, after playing some more of the game we’re still not sure, but we do..."

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Games Radar on Jul 06 '11

" Videogames have given us the power to do things we otherwise couldn’t for decades. Whether it’s time-travel, ninja skills or marksmanship, games allow us to live out our fantasies in..."

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GameSpot on Feb 05 '11

"While not the most original third-person shooter, this game does have a few interesting ideas going for it. Namely, tormenting enemies with gravity. "

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