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The Badlands cluster. 100 years after the first Independence War. Your father was killed by the Corporations for a bad debt. And you've spent 15 years rotting in jail for trying to get justice. Now it's time for vengeance. Now it's time to turn back the Corporations before they corrupt the entire universe. Now it's time to take control of the universe's most advanced interstellar hardware and wage war in the greatest space-sim ever conceived. Command four futuristic battlecruisers and a band of revolutionary pirates into an all-consuming battle against impossible odds...because there just isn't enough Space for everyone


  • Innovative user-friendly interface - 90% of functions can be programmed where you like - on the joystick or on the keyboard or both!

  • Online multiplayer support for up to 8 people. Play DeathMatch, Capture the Flag, and various other unique scenarios.

  • The revolutionary Flux™ Graphics Engine: Microsoft Direct3D® compatible - surface effects like rust, decay and wear on the ships, and stunning fire and flare effects. All ships in the game are modeled using the textures and details from the ships created for the CGI movies.

  • Physically realistic flight model. All ships use a Newtonian mechanics simulation and move according to the same rules as real spacecraft. This includes a simulation of both linear and angular momentum, inertia and rotational moment of inertia. Ships can use either a free-flight mode or use computer-assisted fly-by-wire flight controls.

  • Team-up on the enemy with detachable fighters. Keep them on-board as murderous gun turrets or order them to attack as wingmen.

  • Superior non-linear gameplay spanning 16 star systems, interacting with dynamically-created space traffic.

  • Command 4 flyable ships and over 30 weapons and ship accessories that can be used in near-infinite combinations.

  • Get to know the locals. Examples include taxicab ships, freighters, space patrols, and pirates.

  • Watch the space opera unfold through a rich storyline in four acts.

Hardware Requirements

Processor: Pentium II 300 or 100% compatible (Pentium III 800 or 100% compatible recommended)
Memory: 64mb of RAM (128mb of RAM recommended)
Video: DirectX compliant 3D Accelerated Graphics Card (Advanced DirectX compliant 3D Accelerated Graphics Card with ‘TnL’ recommended

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CrisGer played Independence War II: The Edge of Chaos
CrisGer and 3 others own Independence War II: The Edge of Chaos
May 24, 02 8:25am

play this game and feel infinitive graphics.By this you must have geforce3 or 4MX460,...

Nov 23, 01 12:25pm

I just got this game last night, and WOW! The graphics are dazzling, to say the least....

Oct 04, 01 7:00am
Aug 29, 01 9:51pm

this shit sucks

Blue's has put up a press release yesterday from Infogrames revealing that Independence War 2: Edge of Chaos has... posted Aug 29, 01 7:23pm

The Independence War 2 website has been updated yesterday with word that the PC version of Independence War 2: Edge... posted Aug 16, 01 1:33am

Jul 31, 01 2:03pm

It could have been a good game but :
First missions are boring and simplistic, I hope...

Jul 16, 01 8:23pm

I am really enjoying this game, especially since I purchased a new force feedback...

Jul 26, 00 11:13pm
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