Icewind Dale: Heart of Winter Pro Reviews

Average Review Score: 7.0/10

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Icewind Dale: Heart of Winter Reviews

website score publish date
Neoseeker 50% Mar 26 '01
Actiontrip 72% Mar 06 '01
Computer Games Online 4/5 Mar 01 '01
FiringSquad 65% Mar 03 '01
Game Power Australia 3/4 Mar 12 '01
Games Radar UK  --- Feb 21 '01
Gamespot 5.7/10 Feb 21 '01
Gamespot 5.7/10 Feb 21 '01
Gamespy 82/100 Feb 25 '01
Outer-Edge 91% Mar 10 '01
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Icewind Dale: Heart of Winter Previews

website publish date
Actiontrip Jan 15 '01
IGN PC Dec 06 '00
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Actiontrip on Jan 15 '01

"Icewind Dale: Heart of Winter really seems promising. And considering the reputation of Black Isle Studios, I'm sure we can look forward to yet another high-profile, quality title..."

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Actiontrip on Mar 07 '01

"Small innovations and enhancements are sure to attract people who were thrilled with the original game, but are highly unlikely to attract anyone else. Hence, I can but conclude that Heart of..."

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Gamespot on Mar 02 '01

"Its numerous ancillary improvements actually amount to very little value, considering you can finish the expansion quest in just a couple of casual play sessions."

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IGN PC on Dec 07 '00

"...the monsters are a little smarter this time around... incorporates many of the changes from Baldur's Gate II... also still uses the 2nd Edition AD&D rules but it borrows a few things from the..."

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Neoseeker on Mar 26 '01

"This expansion does offer some new bells and whistles but combined with the lack of real areas to explore and new monsters to fight it is simply not worth the money despite its high production values."

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