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In the next episode of Homeworld, lead your fleet through 17 single player missions as you struggle for position in the emerging order and face the might of a mysterious and powerful new foe.


Homeworld: Cataclysm, developed by Barking Dog Studios, is the first official 'episode' within the Homeworld universe, taking you back to the setting of Homeworld roughly 15 years after the events of the original game ended. Improving upon the Homeworld interface, Cataclysm presents new features such as waypoints and sensor-manager attack commands to add a new dimension to the revolutionary combat and gameplay pioneered in Homeworld.

In the campaign, you begin by Cataclysm commanding a sect - or kiith - that has been marginalized after your people's victorious return to their homeworld of Hiigara. Traveling into uncharted space to repel an attack against another kiith, your fleet happens upon an alien probe that harbors an ancient evil. As events unravel, you will need to survive the onslaught of an enemy with terrifying abilities you can't match, fight off opportunistic Turanic Raiders, and deflect the firepower of Imperial loyalists bent on destroying you and reclaiming Hiigara.

Much as in Homeworld, gameplay revolves around a central command ship, but one that produces an entirely new class of fighting, resourcing and support craft with new technologies and weaponry. The new, robust multiplayer system supports up to eight combatants, each playing one of two very different sides with their own tactical options.


  • New ships, technology and gameplay features.
  • Refined interface
  • 17 new single-player missions
  • Homeworld's extraordinary 3-D engine
  • Unique blend of existing genres
  • Rich story
  • Infinite camera angles
  • Stunningly rendered ships
  • Intelligent sound
  • Customizable fleet colors
  • Multiplayer mode with room for eight via LAN or WON.net

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The unfortunate demise of THQ left many of its studios and franchises with new owners, however there were some... posted Jan 24, 13 4:17pm

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Despite my main issue with the dificulty settings, this overall is a great game, it...


The game is a major improvement to the original Homeworld. You take control of a...


very cool.a nice space-craft game.
space...the finale place to blow crap up! its...


Homeworld was one of the best RTS's ever made. With it's rich story and background. ...


This game is amazing nuff said. No really take my word for it. ohhh and if you thought...


I didn't put anything in the good and the bad because there is too much to put!


The original homeworld had it all: Great story line, real time strategy, an RPG-like...


I wish that there will be a homeworld 2. The designers for this game are pure genuses.


Cataclysm starts a few years after the first homeworld ended by playing as the...


Well, for you stratagy gamers, this is a must have.
Its got all the great graphics of...


get this game if your in to stragy o ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I think that this game is the best game that Ive ever played!!


This is one helluva package. It doesn't just expand upon Homeworld, but it enhances...


GOOD game good continuation on the original. nice that you don't have to own the original.


I am a newbie to the game and have not yet learned the complex controls required to...

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