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Hitman: Blood Money is the fourth flagship entry in IO Interactive's stealth action game series, where player become assassin Agent 47 in his first missions in the U.S. where he is tasked to eliminate assassins from the mysterious rival organization known as The Franchise.

Blood Money introduced several improvements for both stealth and action gameplay, including the ability to use NPCs as shields during firefights, hiding unconscious or dead NPCs in various containers, and of course weapon and gear upgrades. Also new to Blood Money are rival assassins that Agent 47 must contend with during missions.

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Disassociative and 251 others own Hitman: Blood Money
Jan 01, 14 9:57pm
Loved playing Blood Money! I cannot wait to get Hitman Absolution ... I am enjoying the idea of getting SA rank killing the Saints. HitmanBloodMoney PS2
Apr 20, 13 6:34am

Developer: IO Interactive
Publisher: Eidos Interactive

Admittedly, I wasn't expecting...

Solid Snake 4Life
Apr 06, 13 7:31am

One of my favorite things about the Hitman series is the way the franchise was built...

Dark Stormer and 5 others played Hitman: Blood Money
Jul 20, 10 9:59pm
better than all the others combined HitmanBloodMoney PS2
Feb 08, 10 4:25pm
ok HitmanBloodMoney PS2
Sep 19, 09 1:22am
Better than Contracts, with new levels and a better User Interface. Agent 47 has more guys to kill and more tricks up his sleeve. HitmanBloodMoney PS2
Aug 25, 09 6:27pm
Tough until you learn the patterns inherent in the game then it's just a matter of exploiting them and not fouling it up. HitmanBloodMoney PS2
Jul 16, 09 5:23pm
preaty hard if you read the walktrough but if you just go through it your own way its a lot easier, the end was cool. HitmanBloodMoney PS2
Apr 26, 09 3:39am
i loved this game! 1 of my top 5! HitmanBloodMoney PS2
Apr 07, 09 2:44am
Hitman: the collection PAL HitmanBloodMoney PS2
Mar 29, 09 10:18am
i played the ps2 more, but i loved it so much, i have the 360 too! HitmanBloodMoney PS2
Mar 29, 09 9:24am
i loved this game, and i played it for months! HitmanBloodMoney PS2
DarTH KenoK
Mar 05, 09 7:30am
greatest assasin game ever!! HitmanBloodMoney PS2
DarTH KenoK
Mar 05, 09 7:30am
f*ckin . HitmanBloodMoney PS2
Jan 18, 09 9:38am
cool game. 7 out of 10. HitmanBloodMoney PS2
Jan 16, 09 9:12am
Much easier and clean cut gaming and graphics than Contracts, but quite short. HitmanBloodMoney PS2
Kalin Velothi
Jan 10, 09 6:55pm
Fun but challenging. Graphics ok. HitmanBloodMoney PS2
Jul 14, 08 1:44am
orginal very cool game HitmanBloodMoney PS2
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