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A much different IO Interactive decided to pick up and reinvigorate a much different Hitman game six years after the release of Hitman: Blood Money. That game is Hitman: Absolution, a grittier, more humor-focus and less sandbox style of Hitman, but replete with plenty of wild improvisational assassinations and darkly humorous situations.

The prominent change in Hitman: Absolution is a much more linear structure and story-line. Where previous Hitman games would be based around individual "hits" tied together by a loose narrative, Absolution has a very specific structure with very specific goals. Often these goals are similar to past assassinations, but they'll be chained together to create more contained level design and simplified overall difficulty.

Where an assassination in past Hitman games could often take hours to organize and then hours more to perform as needed, Hitman Absolution makes it quite simple for objectives to be completed. So long as players remain stealthy, they should stumble upon several different ways to perform their objective. As the game progresses these objectives will become more difficult, but it's now by intent as opposed to much of the unscripted difficulty of previous titles.

In Hitman Absolution Agent 47 has gone rogue. After hunting down Diana Burnwood, Agent 47's previous Handler in Blood Money, instead of returning to the Agency with a young girl named Victoria in his care, he takes her and runs. Absolution is about protecting Victoria while discovering the secrets of her past, while perhaps discovering just what path awaits Agent 47 going forward as well.

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very slow paced game. requires a lot of patience HitmanAbsolution PC
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Developer: IO Interactive
Publisher: Eidos Interactive

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