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Inspired from works the of film director Alfred Hitchcock, Hitchcock: The Final Cut is a murder/mystery adventure game where you're a psychic private eye tasked with tracking down a missing businessman. Using Arxel Tribe's Cinergy game engine, investigation and dialogue with others are the name of the game here.


  • A story inspired by the master's work.
  • 15 minutes of extracts from some of his most successful movies.
  • Backgrounds, graphics, cameras have been realized according to the rules of Hitchcock's art. Psycho - Frenzy - Shadow of a Doubt - Saboteur - Topaz - Torn Curtain
  • Investigation mode : Close-up on specific objects allow adventure-like puzzles.
  • Chase and shooting: the player will be facing situations in which he will chase or be chased, shoot or be shot.
  • Interactive dialogs : subtle relationships will be allowed by choices in the dialogs, which can be vital when questioning someone.
  • Automatic help : If the player is blocked at a certain point of the adventure, not knowing what the next step is, his psychic abilities will lead him to a new lead.

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